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January 24, 2021

When I left the US, many of you asked me what kind of temperatures you will have in India? I said that it would be around 75 degrees and enjoyable. However, it is raining like anything and so it's hard to go out and visit people or do some shopping. How unpredictable life is and it is impossible to expect everything to go as we plan.

I am just thinking about the new year we have begun and what it has to offer. Human trajectory changes constantly and God desires to achieve something through everything. As unexpected as life events are and as much as they impact us, how do we deal with all those surprises that come on our way? There are two fundamental spiritual dispositions we need to develop and nurture them constantly. 1. The one who governs all things in my life is the all powerful one. 2. I need to have Him in the driver's seat and not in the back seat. Keeping God in the driver's seat means literally letting Him handle everything in our life. It is not like I will let God handle things that are less significant and all other major things I will take care of myself. It is all about surrendering everything at his feet every morning. With all humility asking him to take the driver's seat and steer through everything happening that day. Even if some unexpected things occur on the day, we still rely on God's presence and his power to steer us through those tough moments. What happens most of the time is that we prefer to take the driver's seat and make things happen according to our own preferences and choices. As things get bad, we start complaining and start worrying that create more heart aches and pains. As we navigate through this year that still has many uncertainties, let us leave God in the driver's seat. Let him navigate through everything that occurs in our life. Let him be the power and force behind all that affect us. Let the Lord of life be our strength and protector in everything that affects us. Even if the worst changes happen, he will convert them all to our own advantages. Let us make this spiritual disposition as one of the top priorities for this year that we are not consumed by the worries and preoccupations of our daily life. Let God do his job for each one of us every day.



Your brother in Christ,

Fr. Xavier Ilango

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