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April 18, 2021

Want to be friends with God?

In 1996, I had the special privilege and honor to have a private audience with the Holy Father, John Paul II, in his palace.  It was such a special experience for me when he placed his hand on my shoulder and I was holding his hand.  He talked to me very personally about my studies in Rome and encouraged me to do it really well.

If my experience with the Holy Father was so unique, what if someone has a private audience with God!  It was Moses who had the unique opportunity to have a  private audience with God and that, too, many times.  What do you think they might haves conversed about in such meetings?  I am 100 % sure it was about the people God had chosen and brought from Egypt.  Neither of them would have talked much about their personal interests.

Similarly, when we come to the Eucharist every Sunday, we should make it so special that each Eucharistic celebration turns to be a special spiritual experience.  Each Sunday should result in growth in our intimacy with God, leading us to think about other’s welfare above our own personal needs alone.  Thus, we should all become good friends with God.  The saints were good friends with God.  They were just as weak and sinful as we are.  However, they grew out of the sinful habits, and that led them to be best friends with God.  Are you sure that you do not want to be friends with God?



Your brother in Christ,

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