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Church History

SS. Peter & Paul Church History


​(edited from Mrs. David Judovsky) and diocesan history notes. 

Edited by Fr. Emmanuel Sylvester July 1, 2008

The sparse settlement of the Warren area included about eight families ten miles to the east. A visiting priest from Crookston dropped in on them once or twice a year around 1880. 

From 1880 to the time a congregation was formed in Warren, Masses were said infrequently for the Catholic families of Radium and Warren.

It is believed that the first mass celebrated in Warren was in 1909 or 1910 by Rev. Claude Massonat. Later the parish was established at Warren incorporated December 10, 1914.







On October 10, 1915 Bishop Timothy Corbett of Crookston, dedicated the new building and on the same day installed the Rev. John P. Funk as its first resident pastor.  Fr. Funk had the additional charge of Euclid and Oslo, which were missions of Warren at the time.

The first organ was donated to the church by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ovsak, Sr. The first organist was Mrs. Ingolf Pederson.

Fr. T. J. Haavey was only few weeks in the rectory when the old parish house consumed by the fire leading to his death. While Fr. Lyons was here, the first confirmation was held. The class was confirmed on August 7, 1921 by Bishop Timothy Corbett.

Fr. Joseph Mulvey built a garage in 1925 and bought cemetery ground in 1928 from J.D. Lawrence for $200. On July 11, 1935, a thousand pound bell was donated by Thomas Ovsak.

Fr. Eugene R. Connelly was assigned to the parish March 18, 1965 and served until August 10, 1969. During his pastorate a new brick church and rectory was built to replace the old wooden structure. Blessings began on May 1, 1968. On February 12, 1969 the parish vacated the frame church and rectory at 5th Street and Fletcher Avenue and moved into its new quarters. The 2,500 foot structure cost $231,000, exclusive of furniture.

The Knight of Columbus loaned the parish $100,000 and the mortgage was burned in 1989.

One native son, Duane Pribula, was ordained a priest at the parish by Bishop Laurence Glenn in 1970.


A dental clinic run by the Benedictine sisters of Mount Benedict started in Warren in 1987.

A Knight of Columbus Council was formed in 1987.

A memorial to the unborn was erected in the cemetery in 1993 fashioned out of the former baptismal font. The first baptism recorded in the new church was that of Caroline Jean Cook, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Duane Cook, on May 11, 1969.

The first wedding was performed May 3, 1969 for Ronald Vanek and June Edger. The first funeral was Byron D. Fournier of Hallock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fournier, held on November 19, 1969.

Fr. Louis E. Proulx, a native of Argyle, became pastor in August of 1969. 

On April 12, 1970, the first class was confirmed in the new church by Bishop L.A. Glenn. In the early spring of 1971, two men of our parish were appointed by the bishop to serve Holy Communion. They were Sylvester Narlock and Emil Pribula.


On June 26, 1971, Father Edward Nistler, was appointed. In the early fall of 1971, four Franciscan sisters who worked under the name of Area Christian services. Two worked for the care of the sick and two worked in education. They served the parishes of Dorothy, Euclid, Oslo, Tabor, and Warren for three years.

In October of 1971, the first parish council was formed.

On Saturday, June 9, 1979, Father Nistler celebrated his 25th Anniversary of his ordination. A concelebrated Mass, with a dinner following in the Social Hall, was held. The two parishes presented him with a gift of a new Ford station Wagon.

November 10, 2002, Kelly Lund donated her house to Ss. Peter and Paul church and the money was used for cemetery.

In 2006, a gift from Walter Luxenberg was used for the new carpet in the church.

Fr. Larry Weisler was working between July 2000-June 2000.  Fr. Gary LaMoine; July 2001-June 2006.  Presently,  Fr. Emmanuel Sylvester, July 2006 to present,  is the first priest from India to serve our parish. He serves three parishes; Euclid, Oslo and Warren.

(In June 2008, Fr. Emmanuel Sylvester and Greg Myszkowski launch Sts. Peter & Paul website.

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