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SS. Peter & Paul

Catholic Cemetery

Rules and Regulations

A grave site for an individual interment may be reserved for a perpetual care payment of $150.00.  The reservation of a grave site includes such general care of the cemetery property as fencing and road maintenance, cutting of the grass, filling of sunken graves, and the planting of trees and flowers in special areas of the cemetery.

Please contact the cemetery committee by calling:

Cemetery Committee:

Arnold Bauer, Chuck DuBore, Mike DuBore, Toby McGregor, Gertrude Praska, Victor Sweeney and
Fr. Ilango


†   Cemetery Rules and Regulations:

  • # 18:  Grave decorations may be placed on gravesites.  They shall be placed within one week before Memorial Day, and shall be removed no later than Flag Day, June 14th.  Decorations remaining after June 14th will be removed and destroyed by cemetery personnel. 

  • # 19:  Cemetery personnel are not responsible for decorations placed on gravesites.

  • # 20:  Artificial wreaths may be placed on grave sites during the winter months (December 1st to January 30th) if erected on a secure stand or easel.

  • # 21:  It is permissible to place cut flowers on a grave site provided they are placed in an approved cemetery ground vase.  Fresh flowers placed on graves will be removed when wilted.

  • # 22:  Potted or boxed plants on grave sites must be stable enough for outdoor use and must be placed on the grave marker or in an approved cemetery vase or stand.  They shall not be placed in or on the ground and when wilted will be removed and destroyed by cemetery personnel.

  • **Complete listing of cemetery rules are kept in the church office or you can find them in the directory at the cemetery.



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